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: another mood to suppress

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Why do LJ People rate each other?

And, I too am an LJ supporter and

A current user of Trillian!!

If one is active, then they all should be:






Some Other Pages:

Crappy Webcam

Or, http://www.geocities.com/segue_is/segue_is_now.html

Art I've Done:

I too need money:

It's always best to let others say things about yourself:
"Boy, you're tall."
"Boy, you're smart."
"You're a stick."
"You're gaining a little."
"You watch too many movies."
"You're conceited."
"You're a handsome devil."
"Where were you when I was younger?"

I'm InTJ
Howzabout you?
Ah, enough for now...

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