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: another mood to suppress

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Check Your Body Fat Before Boarding
It's hard to believe, but Kevin Smith was thrown off a plane because he was "fat"! He says he fit in the seat okay, which is the number one criteria for plane obesity. Times like this, I remember the plane crash that killed Aliyah and entourage; that plane WAS overburdened.

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I read your story at Kyle's journal, and was interested enough to come over and look at your profile, excuse the intrusion.
I went to Patrick Henry elementary in Tulsa, a long time ago.
Brothers Mike and Tim graduated from Edison, also a long time ago.
Really long, as they are 10 years older than me.
Do they still refer to greasers and socs, in Tulsa? Is SE Hinton still a goddess?
We moved to Houston, when I was 12, for which I can't thank my parents enough.
In Tulsa, I was destined for unpleasant things, and I missed all that.
Thanks for your time,

Well, thanks for stopping by.
Er, how long ago was this? I've only heard references from those titles, and assumed they died out once the '60s started.
Hinton (she did visit Edison back in '84, and she wasn't bad looking), has seen better days.
Tulsa was pretty good until the South exploded--the rich migrated down there and commercial business sprouted--and Eastside rotted, and of course the North was, and still is, ignored.

I miss Tulsa.

I think Patrick Henry is called something else now. Sad. I saw Jimmy Reeder there once, after he retired. I think he had been there forever. And a janitor that had worked there a long time, had the library named after him.

Speaking of naming, longtime Edison wrestling coach Jim Sellers passed a while back, and the school named the 'fieldhouse' after him. Real nice.

Sorry to make this so long.

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