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2009 Was Cracked Up

Biggest disappointments from 2009?

I stopped taking pictures. Not sure why. I might just become overwhelmed with it. Too many cameras, and not any subjects. I couldn't always carry the digital either, for lack of something to carry it in. Too dangerous to shove it into my pocket. Anyway, I want to change that. I'll have to post them to Photobucket, of Picasa, because my Flickr account is full. Even though I thought I could afford $25 a year, it turns out I cannot.

I had predicted that I could get back to seeing 200 movies this year, but alas, money, and mostly just the time needed to watch, just wasn't there. Can that be rectified next year? Yeah, if I stop posting to sites like LJ!

I had also 'promised' to be a book together of short stories. This halted around October, as I was hitting that brick wall as I always do. It's the one called Edit. I hate that wall. Big and imposing, smelly mud-brick wall, with that used hay in it.

A new laptop was not in the cards. Next year? With the tax refund? lol, I laff at myself.

Er, what else? Don't remember. Was there something I wanted to draw? Or was it, to just draw!?

Oh, I had also wanted to finish a few stories. Didn't do that either. Moron.
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