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: another mood to suppress

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Countdown to Oblivion
How about electronics of the year?

I still don't have an iPod. Nor a fancy touchscreen phone. Sucks.
But, I did get an auto-advance Nikon with AF. Sweet to have. The lens is loud, but it's a camera, and camera's are supposed to be loud. Got that soccer_mom56!? lol. Yet, I haven't even gone through a whole roll of film with it yet.

Another new thing, trying to keep my spirits up, that I had purchased, was a used PC, at about 700MHz, and maybe about two years old. Super nice. Though, I'm still here on my laptop. Crummy thing, that is prone now to BSOD, which I suspect is because of heating (soaring) RAM! Ouch!!

Still need an LCD television. Grr.