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Forget Christmas

I would have posted Merry Christmas, if there was something merry about it. But, due to my poor decision making, and poor bosses at work, I got stranded away from home. This set a new record for me getting home from work: 48 hours!

The experience was horrific, terrifying, nerve-wracking, stupifying, and all the bad words. What really irks me, is one boss saying "It's not that bad." What a dumb-ass. Ugh!! Hate, hate. So full of hate. I don't want another xmas. Think I'll just ignore it next year.

The white-out of the blowing snow really caused me a panic. The thought of bumping into someone, or running off the road was so intense, I almost had a mental breakdown a few times. There is just so much to say about, it's a book.

Tags: christmas, driving, horror, ice, snow, stupidity, trapped, work

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