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: another mood to suppress

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(no subject)
The revolting/revolving door of mutant employees continues to turn. A new guy showed up for work, ready and willing (he was begging for work in the interview), and he seemed to be into it, but not 'great' for his first day. No one is ever great on the first day - and last for very long.

So, at the end of the day, I learn it's his only day. He has decided to get unemployment, because he could earn more. I wonder really, how long could that last? So, we're down about a half-employee, and after Wednesday, short another whole employee. Gah!

This is life.

[and why are the updates taking so long?]

In weather-related news, it was freakin' humid! We had some record rainfall, gladly lapping it up.

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I am always awesome

you know it

don't deny the awesome

(You work with tools though seriously, can you blame people for leaving $8 an hour?)

Hope you are doing well aside from the bad stuff

Agh! The Church!
I'm glad you're doing awesome. Now the universe is well.
As for that guy I was posting about, he is probably coming back on the first, after his unemployment runs out. Can you believe it!? I'll be telling everyone, "No way! Not on my watch."
And I think the pay has gone up 50 cents. In fact, we're looking for a guy to fill a position that will possibly pay $9. Something to keep them around.
Other than that, I might be doing okay. Seems like my body is wanting to break down. And, I'm trying really hard to sell a script to a production company. The pressure is like a boulder blocking the road, but I'm determined.
What are you doing now, man?

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