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: another mood to suppress

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It Might Go All the Way to Cucamonga
Barry Bonds has been indicted (or n-dik-ted, if you prefer), and could face 10 years in prison plus fines. Even if he is found guilty, he'll get off, easy. But, it may depend on what team he's on. Off field, his absence will hurt baseball.

In other freaky news, Alex Rodriguez (or A-Rod) agrees in principle to a 10 year, $275M contract. That's unbearable! Does Oprah make $27.5Million a year? Well, maybe, and so we have two people that don't deserve all that money.

Hmm, Alex the youngest to get to 500? And have solid numbers in RBIs? Ribbies win games...

Bah. Anything over $12.25/hr. is too much.

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I find that really ridiculous.
If baseball wants to toss him out, fine, but prsion? That's bullshit.

It is just baseball, but the problem is, that he lied to a grand jury (or whatever they call themselves). Don't know why the government gets involved like that; Baseball should have it's own justice!


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