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: another mood to suppress

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(no subject)
Supposedly the first Baby Boomer has applied for early retirement (http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2007/10/baby-boomer-no-.html). But, here's my beef:

What defines a Baby Boomer?

For years, I've heard varying dates on who constitutes a Boomer, from '38 to '60 something. Isn't that insane? I would definitely say that the Baby Boomers have been pulling from that anemic fund for at least seven years. Perhaps the media is to blame.


Kudos to the Family Guy 'Star Wars' special for putting a "Bush/Cheney" sticker on a Star Destroyer. Classy touch.

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I always thought it was post-wwII babies. Beats the hell out of me. I'm '62, and consider myself a 'boomer', because Dad's a wwII vet.

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