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: another mood to suppress

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Cast a Giant Show Reel
Certainly was a quiet weekend.

Managed to see the rest of "The House of Flying
Daggers", "End of Days", and see "Click". I also saw a
little bit of "Ride with the Devil", a movie that must
have been forgettable, with Tobey Maguire, Skeet
Ulrich, and a slew of other people I never knew names
of; but, I do remember James Caviezel. Seeing such a
large cast speak with a Southern drawl is a little
unnerving, so it must have been a turn-off at the

Speaking of millions-of-dollars, "Spider-Man 3" might
have done so well that it broke the record for opening
day sales. That's never too hard when you have a
sure-thing, and a record for most screens to boot.