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: another mood to suppress

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Dine and Dashed
Boomerang's serves a pretty good burger. Although there are numerous Boomerang operations, suing the name and logo, but with no affiliation, they're probably almost alike. So, tonight, I had another bacon burger. This particular store has the phones at the booths, so you have to 'call in' the order. Well, I've never liked it, because they buzz you when it's done, and somewhere during the process of processing, the meal gets paid for. So, I thought someone would bring the ticket, or the ticket would be on the tray - the order taker even took my name, which was strange.

So, I get the buzz, squeeze out of the booth (think Heimlich), and waltz up to the counter [the music was rocking]. I get up there, and the food is there, nice and warm, but no one standing at that end of the counter. So, naturally I grab it fast, go back to the table so I can eat while it's hot. I've been getting cold food everywhere, and whenever, and thoroughly disgusted with it by now. And, nearing the end of the burger, I sense that I won't be getting a bill delivered to the table. My confusion is compounded by now. Not too long ago, the OKC Bommerang's would bring the food to you, and handle the check/money. It was NICE.

Knowing that I could walk out was too much, and with euphoria running my engine, I jerked into sanity, and made my way to the counter, "I'd like to pay for that outstanding meal I just ate!" The guy responded, "Well, okay," and looked under the register, then pulled out a receipt. "Ah, yeh, here it is."

It would've been all too easy.
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