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Should've Stayed In Bed

the ice storm is brewing. we've had two waves, and are expecting one more with a week of temperatures in the teens. I left work early friday, expecting to leave and not have such a bad time, but did have a weird spot i ran over. it cleared up once i got to my county, which was alright until that night. we don't have it as bad as everyone else, with like an inch of ice/sleet, and another bout of sleet turning to snow tomorrow. swell.i thought it was all going to be a huge medialipse, with the news telling everyone wednesday night that a really bad storm was coming, and all the stores became packed. wal-mart was like christmas. i'm sure they're loving it. stores ran out of milk, of course. but, it was all true, medialipse denied.

been having trouble with with fellow, er, underling, on the helpdesk. it's either him, or it's the phone. so, he's being shuffled out of helpdesk. a lot has been put into him, but it's not working out. we beg, plea, tell, yell, and still it's the same problems with him. it's like it's all falling apart. customers are not happy with the service. *vent gaaaaaaaaah!

sure would like to see the future...
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