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: another mood to suppress

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Island Hopping
After seeing King Kong this weekend, I was not
impressed. I was led to believe that I would be
impressed, but no, I was not. (The roof is melting
here at work..., it shivers me timbers). I will tell
what I was impressed with, The Devil and Miss
, (not the dirty one). Well crafted comedy
from the forties, or there abouts. Simple and funny.
King Kong seemed comical, and I don't think Jackson
meant for it to be. Maybe he can't tell a story. He
can film one, but to actually bring one to paper and
then to the screen, I think he's lacking.

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hey , i noticed you were a friend of opencore. Do you know what ever happened to her? I watched her journal back when she was ohsweetnothin and then she dissapeared...

She's still around, under another ident, and not only on LJ. I'm not sure about who she is, but with some research, she can be found.

I think she is recording new music, too.

(Deleted comment)
Cool, for being quick!

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