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: another mood to suppress

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Flights, Action, TomTom!
Did I say I was back from Louisville? Well, I'm back.

Interesting things about flying:

*Don't fly when it's real windy, unless you like dirty
*Have at least one drink every 30 minutes
*A smile will get you an extra drink (free!)
*And it's always inevitable that you'll run into a
flight-mate at an IHOP

Here's a link to YouTube,
Kiefer Sutherland donating
to The 1 Second

And when you're travelling around, acting all
touristy, you really should have a map-finder, GPS
unit installed in your rental or real car. Time was
wasted many times over.

Ate at a new place (to me), called Bob Evans. Found
it to be a cross between Cracker Barrel and
The Delta Cafe (ooh,
looks like there is some commonality). Not impressed,
except with the size of the chicken fried steak.

In personal news, you might say I hit another
milestone; I'm mentioned in a YouTube
video, created by Nirvan, helping the 1 Second
, getting my producer listing. Trés cool.