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: another mood to suppress

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That's a No-No
I've heard that the GOP has staged their own benefit, thus creating a self-made medialipse. The Republican party chose someone to put a one line sentence in a bill (one that would pass), saying that we would immediately withdraw the troops from Iraq.

But THEN, the Reps rallied around themselves saying that if 'we' pulled out before the job was done, then those 2,000+ soldiers that died over there would have been for nothing. These Congressmen/women actually had hard words and loud voices! And the Speaker had to use his gavel several times to stop the acting from getting out of hand.

These are the Republicans that we allowed to sit in our stead. Why?

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kay, so we're gonna let another 2000+ die? meh. "hi, i care more about my pockets being filled than the well-being of the folks who put me in this office!"

stupid politicians.

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