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: another mood to suppress

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(no subject)
Well, well, in the past few hours (less than two days, I'd say), Yahoo! has expanded their email account size to 1GB.

Gmail is still 2.1+, and Hotmail will be next for sure.

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I hope they are, everytime I get junk mail my inbox goes maxed out on hotmail, and that's just cause I have a couple of junkmail, the mail I still have in t here isn't even 20% or so

Yep, the SPAM sux. I get a steady stream of it at Yahoo! I dread the time it takes to glean the Subject Lines/Addresses before deleting, just to make sure that I'm not deleting something good.

I put all my junkmail filters to as high as possible ... really gets rid of a whole lot, I just have to skim over it for familiar stuff

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