segue (segue) wrote,


What a week. It started off fine, and then went
totally downhill. I'll ruminate.

Let's see, it was the tenth anniversary of the Murrah
Building Bombing. I thought about what I was doing at
the time of the blast, and only came up with being at
home instead of working. Things are slipping from
memory every second. That day, of all days, was
swapped with another Wal-Mart employee so that he
could have two days off in row for some reason. When I
came back to work on Thursday, suspicion fell on me.
Of course, I was innocent.

Then, Thursday. My coworker sez, "I have a new job.
Friday is my last day."

Whoa. It was bad, inasmuch that there is going to be a
ton of work coming our way, and the two new guys
needed training, constant supervision, and possible
hand-holding. Of course, it would get worse. Later,
one of the new guys (they're both temps), was
picked-up by the temp service because he had a felony
record. It was old, but given the past of my employer
in relation to the employees and circumstances
involving merchandise and money, he was a liability.
No second chances there.

Total bummer, and then, the other temp didn't show up
Friday. Woe is I. This makes the future grim and
almost unbearable. I have a lot of work to be doing
shortly, more than the usual. All orders have to be
filled by me, and any other project too. And the
project of all projects has started! The reason why we
had two new temps was because of the project. It's
enough now to gouge my eyes out.

Then, Friday, making my way home, I made appearently
some bad decisions on driving home. The drive was
intense, nearly pushing me to the edge. It wasn't till
later that I realized the day's events were stressful.
I was scoffing at the possibility of it earlier. But
there I had been, under crushing nerves.

Certainly don't want to replay those hours.
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