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: another mood to suppress

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Just Heard!

I just heard on the TV that there was a shooting and suicide at Lowrance Electronics in Tulsa today. I used to work there!! If the company hadn't moved my position to Mexico, I just might still be working there! Cory(ie) and Cathy (Baker) were the purp and Victim. She worked in an office, so I don't think I knew/met her. And this Cory, huh, he took his parents shotgun and car, and '...Was on the loose,' as his parents told their ex-daughter-in-law.

Man, I just think about this sort of thing a lot. What did I do if someone comes in shooting one day? And there are always suspected individuals that could crack.


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Good thing that you aren't there. I just hate losing LJ readers.

This is similar to the infamous court house shooting that was on the news everywhere last year. You know the one, where the lawyer was shot at point blank range as he attempted to hide behind a tree.

I go to that SAME court all the time and was even there that same week.


The bullets are whizzing by...

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