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: another mood to suppress

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The Heat of the Flame
Ooh, what a day at work! And I won't let the threat* of being fired let me stop from posting about it!

There was a fire. But, it was contained in the garbage bin. How did this happen? Appearently, there was a 'not-so-smart' feller, who was working on an old gas fired furnace, that put hot ashes in the the bin. It wasn't totally full, but there were cardboard boxes near the container, and hundreds of pallets. It could have been fantastic. A few moments were devoted to watching the blaze, and I caught some of the action on digital film. I would have acted sooner to catch the amazingly tall flames, but my brain didn't think quickly enough. You should've been there, "Uh, I should be taking pictures!"

So, I did.

Hopefully, as always, I'll have the pictures posted soon.

\/ Out!