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: another mood to suppress

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The Kitchen Closes
Well, another icon has died; Julia Child.

I have fond memories of watching on my little black and white when I was young, and wondering, "Does that taste good?" Some of the things she did, were perplexing, and oftentimes she made a horrific mess, or an exaggeration over how something looked or tasted. She was as overboard as her accent. Julia was always a bit off, and after reading an article a few years ago, detailing a conversation she had with the reporter, she was alway content with America and its people. She had no thoughts about going back overseas. I say she just had the tourist bite, and could never shake it. We delighted her constantly, if you can believe it. Not too long after Dan Akroyd immortalized her on SNL, I would always think about the bumbling Akroyd whenever I saw Julia's show. Glued to the tube, I always hoped for some calamity, like a wreck during a car race.

Julia, you did what you did best, and loved to share. I appreciate that.

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