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: another mood to suppress

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Some People, Movement No. 5002
You know, just because you're a gay governor, doesn't mean you have to quit.

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It doesn't?

I thought that was in the state constitution?

I believe it's more of a Federal thing. Those boys are tight, and don't need anyone with fashion to get between them.

I'll accept your word for it that they are tight. You, being the expert and all.

no, it's the ensuing lawsuits caused by your infidelity to your WIFE and WORKPLACE that mean you have to quit... (my first comment on the topic, mind you, because i don't need the members of philadelphia and newjersey flaming me...)

Yeah. I just read the little headlines, and didn't care to get too involved with whatever politics were behind it. And then, I noticed that he was married. That's all I need to know, and that's more than I care for.

that, and he'd already been married & divorced, with child, once before...

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