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: another mood to suppress

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We Are Gathered?
I went to a funeral a few weeks ago, and was impressed and touched. Touched like a little school girl.

For years, nurtured by television to be sure, I have felt this warming comfort come over me whenever I see a flock of people at a funeral. These people give up their routines to pay final respects to a person that won't even know that they are there. It's a heart puller. Did these people respect the dead person when he was living? I always thought, that these people probably had some guilt, and with the body, they would bury this sin. If it is a sin. Somebody got some retribution. But that was on TV.

My views on celebrity funerals aside, I think I will change my stance. Indeed, it is nice that someone would come to your funeral, and you surely hope that more than one show, but it is not all about guilt. This funeral I went to, had friends of the deceased, and of the 'surviving' spouse. Several people had tears, but the pleasantness I had came from the VFW color guard (sans real trumpeter), two preachers, and the gifts to be buried with him. It was a meeting of giving. Very touching. Even more so when the preachers sang Indian songs. It was their tradition, and a very heartfelt one, too. Even one attendee joined in to sing her soul out.

I was happy and sad that it was all over. Happy for him, and sad for me. I still do not think I will have any friends to show. I have given so much fun, but moving around so much, I have come accustomed to not keeping strong links. At times, it has been impossible. If I might, I may request that my tombstone read:

You should've been there