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: another mood to suppress

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Useless News, 08/10/04
Howzabout some Hollywood news?

Huzzah for Hollywood

Dave Chappelle will be on Comedy Central for two more years.

Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck is trying out for the role of Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four.

Cox Communications is buying all of it's publicly traded shares back.

Bill Paxton will play a polygamist in a ten-episode deal that will air on HBO Look for Chloe Sevigny as wife number 1.

Sports Illustrated and NBC will be looking for girls in swimsuits together.

Al Franken will do a televised version of his radio show for the Sundance Channel.

TerraLycos will now be just Terra, after the parent company sold loser Lycos to Korean Daum Communications.

...and, George Lucas' LucasArts has opened a digital animation studio in Singapore.