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: another mood to suppress

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Vision Quest
I saw The Wedding Planner last night. It almost made me ill. If I had to compare it to Police Acadamy movie, I would it would have to have been worse than 3, but no better than 4.

, on Big Brother 5, will get his cumuppence tonight. Oh, yeah. that smarmy look look will no longer be 'shiniing' around the house after Thursday. w00t!

Unseasonably cool temperatures get bamboozled by a warm air mass this week...and I still need to get the lawnmower out of Tulsa.

Speaking of which, I now have all of my belongings out of storage. They've been sitting up there for 4 years, dealing with the heat and cold, and the loneliness, suffering the slings and dust. My wonderful baseball cards and comic books have come home to roost. Of course, now I have no room.