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: another mood to suppress

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Miscreant Operati
So, among the many that have happened as of late, I now have my Mother's humongous monitor that she doesn't want, because she is getting rid of her computer. She was going to throw it all away, literally. I just said, "Well, give it to me. My screen is a tiny 14", and I can't stand it."

First problem with it, it was too dark, and the colors were slightly off. I finagled over it for an hour or two, and managed to get it to as near perfect color as I thought. But, when playing back videos, the images are still too dark, or the red is too 'hot.' Same for green and a little for blue. I've adjusted Gamma until practically every color is washed out. That sucks, and videos are still dark, or too red. At my wits end on that.

Countdown to moving again. This time, it's a much better house, and with the bonus of being cheaper to rent. w00t!!

Huzzah! to Holly getting voted off from Big Brother 5. It thrills me to no end, 'cause Jase thought he had it all in control. What a slam dunk that was. A surprise hat-trick.