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: another mood to suppress

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tripping slowly in hades during springtime
busy worrying about other things besides updating...and the <56k line i'm on.

at least it's been cooler.

and my mother has proved once again how ditzy she's become, going down the courthouse and filing her new will w/o witnesses and a notary. and in typical fashion, the courthouse employee didn't say anything about it. strike it all up to the local government trying to earn an extra buck.

finally saw traffic the other day. it wasn't bad at all. i might buy it in the future. funny how it's another 'based on a BBC series' movie/show.

back to looking for more work. it's difficult to find listings, because they're so spread out. boring even.

http://www.audioscrobbler.com is down again. grr, for free and open source, it's usually a let down...

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TRAFFIC! heh. sorry I like that movie...


BTW, since "music" was listed as one of your interests perhaps you'd like to contribute to the the different music exposure list.

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