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: another mood to suppress

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oh, and because the rich loved trickle-down-economics so much, the gov't is having a holiday this Friday...

you are warned

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I didn't get NO holiday and I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA (his home). *sigh*
This was funny (to me at least). I was sitting in court, waiting for it to begin when a young female lawyer started a conversation with me (and this NEVER happens) and she asked me if maybe they was not going to be court today because of the "National Holiday".

I just look at her dumbfounded because it's not like this holiday was planned and it's not very easy to just shut down a court house (with many courts). Courts have these extensive calendars that are full everyday, months and months in advance. She's a lawyer (allegedly) and should have known that.

well, you know lawyers



i think maybe the reagan family should give us all a rebate for what ronnie did...


Making the US more secure is never an inexpensive proposition.

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