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: another mood to suppress

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(no subject)
hrm, lost another ljfriend...

can't tell you how good it is to see dogma again. ah, bliss!

it so hot yesterday... (how hot was it?)... the chicken burned it's feet while crossing the road. 'buda-bah'

dial-up is slow. didn't i say that?

i can't believe it, about reagan. that is, i heard that his body might be paraded around. yuck! this guy was the worst president since johnson and nixon. he sent our economy into a plunging abyss (except for the rich, who are the ones touting his awful legacy), and he made deals with kidnappers/terrorists. this is so screwing up the history books. our children will learn so many wrong and bad things from this. and as a coincidence, i read the other day that reagan ran for president in 1964..., if noone voted for him then, why vote for him in 1980? just because opec was slapping carter around? jeez...

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until now... i mean, he's been dead since what, saturday? and reporters/anchors still say, "i'm shocked."

for the love of god, the gipper was 93!

the media is always shocked about something...even the news they create.

still believing the old man died three years ago...

with news these days, he could die twice...

"revived from death, he is...


i would like to see nixon reanimated though... ;)

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