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: another mood to suppress

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ooh, the update page has gone retro...

so, i don't have any of the links, but apperantly it's all the rage with the media. girls in school, some as young as 8(?) are wearing those inexpensive jelly bracelets and rings, as vouchers for sexual favors. boys try ripping them off the girls, and then are 'supposed' to return them the act that goes with the color of said bracelet/ring. one girl said that it doesn't mean anything to her, that she knows what each color is for, and that she won't act on the return of the broken bracelet. i assume it is to her, and most girls i hope, just a distorted sign of maturing.

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my friend has like 50 black ones... i knew they were CALLED sex bracelets, but i didn't know why or that there even were different colors...
kids are stupid

OMG...another sign that I am old.

welcome to the boat...

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