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ancestral waves
as mentioned previously, i've found time-wasting things to do on the net, or at least connected to it.

first, there was

now, there is, and my own page,, which only now shows what i'm listening to at the moment. i don't know when it will update

over the weekend, i went to the i was semi-impressed. it was essentially, pop-indian art. there were some fascinating objects, like the pipe-phone, a basket weaved with movie film, and other abstract items, but not excluding your standard museum fare like pottery and glass. the exhibit was meant to showcase contemporary artists and their work, not like the art that sells in gift shops or boutiques. this is what has always bothered me, "why do indians only have to make old-styl 'indian' art?" apperantly, they do not; myself included.

i'm happy about. but where is the market for it?


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