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: another mood to suppress

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curious placement
i saw a sign out front of some building today:

'Don't even THINK about parking here'

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they have one of those at the BCC pemberton campus... of course, i also got ticketed for parking in a visitor space while taking a placement test, "not having decal visible AND parking in a visitor space"

i wanna take a picture of that sign, but it's too faded =/

i almost got a ticket parking in a visitors spot, and i was a visitor. the thing is, in order to park where i was, i had to go to the information desk and get a daily permit, then hang that from the rear view mirror. so whilst inside, a person could get a ticket just by avioding one, like they're suppose to.

actually it was my boyfriend's car, but he went to the campus safety and explained... they understood and all, but he got super annoyed when they STILL wanted his name & contact info

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