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: another mood to suppress

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no airplay for the disheartened
so, i went out to pay the http://www.ong.com bill and deposit to get gas at the new house (after going to the bank to get the money), and all the while, i've been listening to the radio. http://www.krxo.com has this 'work for krxo' contest, where they are paying their listeners 100/hr. sounds good to me! so, when i get to the ong building, i have plenty of time to get in-and-out, and back to listening to the radio. but noooooooooooo. the timing of the clerk inside is slow, and she's just chillin' inside, with her legs crossed, and yacking about friends or something. any, i assume once i get out to the car, that they've already called a name on air. bummed, i go a few blocks over to get an early lunch (technically the only food i'll have today).

Of course, it's http://www.sonic.com, because i'm dying for corndogs and cheesesticks. after ordering, and waiting, i am told that they have to re-cook my cheesesticks. two problems with that: 1.) my corndogs are going to get cold; 2.) i won't be able to get to a phone quickly enough, if i need to. this time, the wait is long and unbearable. hunger drove my thoughts.

on the way home, it was not my name called. and once home, i had to reschedule the gas turn-on. the original was just not good for me. to make matters even more weird, the dj announced the name for this hour, and it's the same name as last hour.

no wonder dj's get paid minimum wages.