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: another mood to suppress

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haven't won 10,000 yet. i've been calling the 1-800 number off the radio that several stations across the nation are spouting about. darn it. i could really use that green for wallpaper.


so far there haven't been any tornadoes here in oklahoma for this month, and may is the biggest month for them. is there a strike? that's one picket line NOT to cross.
went to shawnee last night, and eventually had to go to autozone to get oil. apparently, instead of hanging out at the barbershop, these 'people' loiter at the parts store.
i'm going to work on the future cover of InDent magazine, just to show future employers (?) that i can work pagemaker.

after watching the america's next top model: the runway ahead episode last night, i am disappointed in shandi. she went right back to walgreens. but, her family life is improving, and that's a good thing.

too bad it's terrible television.