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: another mood to suppress

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i swear, this girl,

looks like digitald0ll

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hello lj-cut...don't need to see some whore's tits and i scroll down

ugh, didn't think about it. the picture didn't seem that big at first.

and for me, it still isn't showing...

yeah it wasnt for me
i mistakenly clicked the link not realized it was suicidegirls

man if they are suicide girls why dont they just kill themselves and save us all? lol


i really don't get it all. and to top it all off, i don't remember where the link was that made me click it


hmm, nope, nuthin'

so, you don't like whore's tits? ;)

lol nope i dont....esp not those dumbasses

dumb and making money


they're not dumb! well, the one i know isn't, she's very cool indeed.

and jeez, if they can get people to pay to look at them in their most natural state and read their daily ramblings, surely that makes the people much dumber than the suicide girls?

plus loads of the pictures are rather cool. i think it very much depends on the individual girl - but don't knock the whole thing!

c xx

making money in a not-so original way...aren't we all?

some photography is good; depends on the shooter

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