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: another mood to suppress

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(no subject)
weel, i guess most of the freshmen will be going home soon, which means that it should be a ghost town sometime next week. though it's becoming more of a bustling 'burg than ever before.

i found out yesterday that the apartments that are being built down the road are university owned, and that they are nowhere close to be finished, but are 50% filled already. and to top it all off, there is still only one road in and out of there.

during the football season, many drivers would go down that way, ignoring the signs telling them that it is not a through-street. in the end, there would be a line of cars having just turned around and are now trying to get out the way they were suppose to go before.

you know that must've peeved the homeowners that are down there in that cul-de-sac. soon, there will be even more idiots for them to contend with.