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: another mood to suppress

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Expectations: Low
What if we're being Punk'd, and it really isn't coming back? Tune in, and MTV will be gone.

Like I care.

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Ashton left Punkd because he THOUGHT that he was gonna have a movie career. He was actually shocked that his "serious" performance in Butterfly Effect didn't capture the world's interest.

Now, he realizes that maybe he shouldn't turn down a paid gig.

His "co star", Dax, is in this upcoming movie Without a Paddle that I have seen. It's not really my thing, as it's a silly movie geared toward younger teens, but it's funny at times and I will be greatly amused IF Dax goes on to PUNK Ashton by having a bigger movie career.

Even, that original jack ass, Johnny Knoxville is still in film. Last night, we screened a new movie with him, produced by the Farelly Bros.

Johnny's 'acting' is okay (MIBII), but Kutcher's punkiness is suck-ass, if I do say so mysmelf.

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