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As reported in Advertising Age and on CNN (and others), Mcdonald's will phase out before the end of the year the Super Size Menu and it's fries, and 42oz drink. I was really upset that McDonald's Corp. would bow to this pressure, from doctors and associations, and group badgering since the viewing of the documentary Super Size Me at the Sundance Film Festival*, but now I think, "It doesn't really matter to me anymore; not personally anyway." People, dumb or not, should be allowed to make their own decisions. To let total strangers (to the usual consumer) come in and say that what we do is wrong, is very feudal to me. McDonald's isn't acting on this because sales are down, or because the cost is prohibitive to profit, it is merely because there is too much noise concerning health. Any bad publicity is very negative to McD's, and they will always act inappropriately to get rid of it. Just like the time they ruined their fries by going to all-vegetable shortening.


Of course, McDonald's says that all this has been in the works since 2002. If this were true, none of this would be NEW news.

I will miss the drink.

<edit> I should have said that, with FDA approved foods, people should be allowed to make their own choices. Sometimes, people do make errors in judgement. see MaxEx</edit>

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down with Mickey D's!!!!!

That was something I never understood: I'd often ask to Super Size, but say I only wanted the big drink, and that they could just give me small fries. And they wouldn't.

I don't understand that, because if given the opportunity, McDonald's would gladly go smaller, but still charge the full price (even though the ability to charge the appropriate price is possible with those fancy registers).

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