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: another mood to suppress

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Of Mice and Other Acquaintances
I have dead flesh hanging off my lips.

Hope this doesn't lead to anything more, er, delicate.

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ummmm what have you been gnawing on *gags* lol

hey, I was looknig at entry's in my journal from 2000 and i saw taht you commented on some of them... I dont really remeber who this is, so, if you wanna tell me that would be cool... heh...

Hmm...I guess you'll have to point me to that comment in your journal, cause I know who I am, just not who you are.


well, my names Erica, and I used to live on bainbridge island, wa. if that helps....

Hmm, nope.
Maybe it's was in community that I commented on your post, or something...

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