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: another mood to suppress

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Stand Together
Okay, my journal just got spammed:

Stop Gayn Marriages!
2004-02-20 13:53 (from

Hi, G** Bless you and J**** C***** loves you all.(Read John 3:16) We believe that Gay Marriages should between a Man and Women,(Read Romans 1:20-32) If you are Gay here`s a web site that will help you out of sickness http://www.pig-headed-christians.org (edited to protect the innocent)

I dislike core christians for this reason. Especially those that can't spell.

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I don't ask favors, but please remove that post.
I'll explain. The sender is not the one you listed.

Not that it is necessary, but please write down the IP address if you log them automatically.

Yeah, the address is right there. I figure there is just a bot running it. I only changed the address of the site 'they' put up there, and nothing else (except the *s).

You really want/need me to remove it?

You can leave it but PLEASE remove those names and emails. They are not the ones who wrote it and are real, innocent people.

This nut job has been harrassing them and he found you through my friends page and he found me through theirs.

Consider it done.

Thanks. Sorry that he posted in your LJ. This guy is relentless. It has been ongoing for months

Joe Pesci (George Carlin joke) and Whoopi Goldberg (Monkey Bones reference) are gonna get a tip from me to kick some ass.

read my comments from today or read mandiefavor's lj etc

I'll do that for sure. Need to get laundry and go eat.

Peace out!

Hmm, 'twas interesting.

Mandie is a little bit not-quite-right, is she?

She's a nice a girl who doesn't need the harrassment.

Sorry, in pointing you to her LJ, I didn't realize that her entries about the stalker are friends only.

She didn't make that anonymous comment and she has been putting up with a lot of grief because that's her real email address and full name.

Yep. It's uncommon for a female to leave their real name and email out in a hostile environment. Commendations are in order.

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