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: another mood to suppress

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It Is A B
Trying to clean up the HD. I've got Sims Hot Date and Vacation now...

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I forgot, did I tell you that I play tested the Sims TWO game?


Sims two demo (or is it preview?) is on a couple of the discs I've bought recently. Haven't had a crack at.

I don't lik that it isn't backwards compatible (or acceptable). Wright is being a real Gates!

This was neither. It was the actual early version of the Sims 2. It has features like the characters AGE, different generations of characters, "emotions",etc. I played it for about 2 hrs as a test of the game. Look back a few months because I'm sure that I posted about it. I may do so for you later on.

Have you slept today?

Ha, yeah. I may sleep again.

After I eat.

Have you worked today?

Actually, oddly enough, I did.
Or at least I got dressed up in a suit and went down to a court and uttered a few words for which I will receive monetary renumeration in about 6-8 weeks.
I need a nap.

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