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: another mood to suppress

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Cerebus, My Cerebus
Snowman's Folly
I just got a letter from Dave Sim. As a guy, I am elated. I respect this man so much, and he takes his time to reply to my letter, after having to deal with a lot of 'office issues' after his secretary quit, and does so with ernest in three pages of text. He is virtually unknown outside of the comic book artist's ring, and usually gets dissed by those that deal with the money issues in said industry.

He leaves Cerebus behind, and the future will just come to him.

Since I am so happy, I will share the last paragraph:

"Anyway, thanks for your letter. It's always nice to get a letter from a familiar name, particularly when it's a reasonably satisfied customer. Hope that held true for the last year as well."

Dave Sim

I believe I will go buy most of the issues I am missing, though it will be hard to find them (comic stores around here are anorexic).