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: another mood to suppress

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Good Use of Colors
Just saw Frida, and it was good. I didn't know she was in so much pain.

Also, Selma is sexy...so sexy. I've seen her butt in Wild, Wild West, and now I've seen her breast.


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Frida is depressing towards the end.

I don't dig her. ESPECIALLY not with the unibrow.

Not to brag, but I was at the premiere party for Wild Wild West (a horrible movie) and there were so many women hotter than her.

You're bragging.

Speaking of premieres, Iwas reading an article on how to bust in on events, and it was suggested for red carpet events, you have to dress elegant/handsomely, and play the part. It was then that I remembered your experience with the walkie-talkie and security. That certainly would have been the play, but getting into the parties, you probably would have to dress to the nines.

It wasn't. Who would care about getting into a premiere for THAT movie??

Honestly, not long into it, I wanted to leave, so I started walking out, then I realized that there was no way that I could AVOID the camera crews set up outside and not that they would have any interest in me, but it might be uncomfortable having to explain to superiors at my company 1. why I was there and 2. why I was leaving.

As for the parties, getting in is tough. Even tougher than premieres. Premieres you can always BS your way in (plus tons of public are invited just to fill the theater), but at the after parties, tons of security is there (plus the locations are secret generally) and they check invites closely.
I happen to know most of the security guards in the company and I don't even go to the after parties usually. I don't like asking for favors of them.

Now, I will talk about the WWW after party ONLY because I think it is semi entertaining and relevant to your comment.

I wasn't planning on going to the after party and didn't have many connections (we didn't use security back then) and I was walking across a parking lot after the movie had already started.

Well, not exactly because that did happen, but apparently I had the wrong premiere that I wanted to sneak out of.
I remember because this part is important now that I think about it.
So, the WWW Premiere had been ongoing for a little while (and I had already seen it and hated it and didn't want to watch it again), and I left and was walking to my car across this huge parking lot in Westwood. I did notice lots of tents (and I FIGURED that they were setting up nearby for the after party).
This parking lot has stairs going up (from the main level) and I steathily (or is stealthfully?) ascended the stairs and paused hiding when I got to the top. The top level of the parking structure was done up like a fancy wedding/party reception, complete with bars, tables,etc.

I was wearing a white button down shirt and black pants, not unlike the waiters and other staff working it.

I became really bold for some reason and started walking around the "party scene". I was trying to stay to the walls and be incognito though I was about an hour early. Lots of groups of staff passed me and security did also, but nobody said a word. I was prepared to say that I was lost or using the restroom (which in fact, I hid out in for about 20 min).
Eventually, security was in place and the party started. Tons of celebs were there (i don't rememember many but I do remember talking to Shaq briefly at one point) and Biz Markie and Will Smith DJed.

At one point, I ran into one of MY BOSSES and that was really awkward, but never explained. It was catered by Spago and I ate well,etc etc

Hah, points to, but now record. I think I read about some of that stuff on ESPN, and the guy that has busted them all, with the holy grail being the last Super Bowl.

Wow , I made ESPN!. I never thought that THAT would happen.

Ya know, she shows both of em in Desperado.

Hmm, how did I miss that?

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