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It upsets me that the missing girl was found dead.
It upsets me that in the video when she is abducted, she isn't kicking and screaming.
It upsets me that for all the talk about not talking to strangers, and all the things that you should do, and the importance of not going somewhere alone, and staying out in public view...

It doesn't work, does it?

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The video of my hypothetical abduction would feature me kicking and spitting and swearing and gouging those bastards eyes and balls out.

We teach a lot of awareness and fear but don't teach courage. I think that may be part of the problem.

Time to crawl in my cave....

What makes me sad is that they guy was out and free to do this sort of thing. He should have been in jail with his criminal history. He had tried to abduct someone before and got away with it! Not to mention the other things he had been charged with...pfffffffffft!
And what a sicko to leave her dead body in a church parking lot. Did he think by doing that he would be forgiven?

Yeah it got to me too when I woke up...signed online...and first thing I see is that they found her body. I remember sitting in front of the t.v. the other day when they made the alert about her abduction...I silently said a prayer that they'd find her safe. It's so f'in sad when this happens.


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