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: another mood to suppress

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Interest on Deposit
Snowman's Folly
From RootsWeb Mailing List:
8. Humor/Humour: Giant Deposit
Thanks to: John Grant jmgrant83@yahoo.com

In 1933, workers renovating the Bank of England buildings in London
uncovered an unusually large lead box below the foundation. The 7 1/2-
foot rectangular container turned out to be a coffin. A metal plate
identified the occupant as "Mr. William Danl. Jenkins. Died 24 March
1798, Aged 31."

Researchers determined that Jenkins had actually been an employee of the
bank. The 6-foot-7-inch tall bank clerk was an unusually tall man for
the 18th century and was of particular interest to the medical
community. Several surgeons had offered to pay a reward of 200 guineas
for his corpse. To keep Jenkins safe from body snatchers, his friends
and colleagues decided the best place to deposit his remains was in the
bank and they obtained permission from the bank's directors to bury him
on the premises. The rediscovered remains were eventually moved to the
nearby catacombs of Nunhead Cemetery.

I feel his pain, but wonder what did him in.