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: another mood to suppress

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It's Getting Better
Snowman's Folly
I finally found this in a folder:

Stevie Washington
The Angry Youth
Born to Die
New York's New York
Turn of the Century
All Crime

Stevie and Zoya in

Big Duce

Little cartoons of Stevie and Zoya use to run on MTV around the mid-80s, but I can't find any mention of them anywhere. Those toons are awesome. They were awesome teen angst crime fighters...

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I remember Stevie Washington....

Yah - those cartoons were cool... Wish I could find some. If you see any refs, post please post here again. I'll do same.



Re: I remember Stevie Washington....

Cool, I am not alone in this!

stevie washington

on a digibeta somewhere in my house i've got the 2 "seasons" of stevie washington. i'm trying to find who i need to speak to at MTV or else the original animator to see about getting them released on DVD, as i do menu design.


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