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: another mood to suppress

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Old=Water, Young=Oil
I don't know if I can watch this Real World: San Diego; they're like little kids to me.

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I think the problem moreso is that they're all assholes.

I was actually talking to a friend about this over lunch. During the first few seasons, the characters appealed to us because they reflected us and the people around us. Then it got way too deep into stereotypes, the first-day-three-way, and suddenly these cast members had more in common with other MTV personalities than they did with us. Paris was so refreshing compared to Vegas and now San Diego. Normal people have nothing in common with Alton or Frankie; but there were real everyperson qualities to Leah, Ace, Mallory, and especially CT.

I didn't watch it enough to see any fighting today.

My favorite is San Fransisco, and L.A. after that.

their demeanor makes them look like little kids compared to some 12 year olds, too

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