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: another mood to suppress

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Don't Touch Me
Sometimes I hate PhotoShop, and now is one of those times.

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agreed! The whole entire Adobe Creative Suite uh suite sucks with tremendous force. At work we depended on the workgroup server for maintaining our websites and revisions and backups. The new version cue, which has replaced the workgroup, might work well with graphic files, but it is no good for web stuff. We can not import our websites easily.

In addition, We are trying to finish our catalog and the new InDesign hoses up the links we created with the older versions. "new dude" hates the new illustrator (i've always hated illustrator and refuse to use it) so...the only usable program in the whole lot has been photoshop cs. w/o version cue. I don't know why we bought this package or why we are forced to have to use it, but it blows.

Whew. glad to get that off my chest.

what about PS do you hate ... sometimes?

Well, it's not only the fact that I scanned something as a bitmap, and am now locked into that, it's the bugger's sizing that I hate. I suppose it's the px/in that is forcing the issue (image size), but I just hate it.

I'll just leave bmp behind.

And OpenEXR, I don't know why I can't get it to do it's thing. How does it run? Work? Gah, nobody knows how to say, "Open this, run that, click this..." blah-blah.


LOL! I feel yer pain! anything i can do to help?

Psh, I just don't know.....

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