segue (segue) wrote,

Yes, I am Glad to See You

Okay, half the apartment was without power yesterday, and I was not thrilled at all.

I did learn a little bit more at work tonight, but not aas much as I should have. I was suppose to start early, but I am sooooo detrimental to the operation at night in the position that I'm in, I am rarely moved out of it.

Making a true day of it, I was late to work. It's semi okay, since I went over by an hour Monday. This woman wrecked her car on the highway, blocking a lane, and a trooper was yelling at her. She couldn't keep the heap running. I couldn't tell if it was just her car, or if another was involved, yet down about a mile, there was a stalled car, with a big ding in the rear quarter panel that looked awfully suspicious.

It's friggin' hot.

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