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: another mood to suppress

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Working for Caviar
Bugles = good times!

Three things I've seen on tv tonight:
  • A guy getting paid $100,000, and does nothing because his bosses at this GOVERNMENT agency took all his work away from, because he said something they didn't like...and he's been 'working' like this for 7 years!!!
  • A girl is answering the phone and playing the piano at a VERY PRICEY firm; wine, cigars, and this baby grand piano are all in the foyer. She plays the piano because she wants to, and it's the only job she could get in these hard times.
  • A 40-50 year old woman had Steve the Bouncer from Jerry Springer tattooed on her back. Sheesh! What's this world coming to?

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Its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ People that don't have it will do anything to get it. The people that do have it waste it.

Yep, like Kobe Bryant, saying he's going Free Agnecy next year...Just come out and say, "Hey, I hate where I am, and I hate the millions I'm making. I need more! ...And better curtains in the locker room!!"

EXACTLY! Just like our great Ken Griffey Jr. who had to leave for greener pastures he thought. Now its like Ken Griffey Jr. who...LOL! Its never good enough......

Absolutely, and now someone else has the Mariners record for RBIs.

Man, I'm choking to death!!

hahaha, the steve the bouncer one is hysterical. I highly enjoy it.

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