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: another mood to suppress

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Placebo for the Heart
Man, it's hot and sticky.

I would just love a gallon of cookie dough ice cream right...about...noooooooooooooow.

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Oh damn. I will be there with some in like a week. Gotta drive there! HOLD ON!

Hope you've got a cooler!!

god, i would love a dose of cookie... right now...


Godfather sez,
"Snap out of it!"

Marlon has left the building...and the world.

why did he become such a tub of lard...?


Because he could?

He likes that Guiness Book of Records...he eats at least two a day.

funny side note (which is why I brought him up), a coppola nights ago, Martin Short was on Leno [not beating him up, :( ], telling of the time that Tony Randall</strong> called him up on his cell phone. Randall was telling Short to come do a play with him, and that doing all those silly movies was bad for his career.."That's how we lost Marlon."

lol. and don't forget the brando kids from hell... ;)

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