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Summertime Means...
Soemtimes, when a movie is one that I know hardly anything about, it turns out to be good.


Being poor means I'm having french toast for dinner tomorrow.

Man, when Summer starts, it really kicks you in the arse.

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I love french toast...yummmmmy Breakfast for dinner :-)

Well, breakfast for dinner comes about once or twice a weak, and usually, dinner is breakfast; considering my work schedule, I could get off from work, and then help the guys over at Krispy Kreme.

But only if they paid in donuts...

Oh noooooooooo not Krispy kreme's too! Are you trying to make me drool on myself...LOL!
I used to work graveyard and me and my co-worker would always get breakfast for dinner so I know what ya mean :-)

Heh, these days, graveyard isn't as fun as it was at McDonald's, or Wal-Mart, for that matter.

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